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The King Mengrai the Great Monument

The King Mengrai the Great Monument is located on the intersection to Maechan and Maesai District (next to the super highway) in Muang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai. According to the history, King Mengrai is the 25th king of Lava Family and the son of Lao Meng and his wife Ua Ming Chommueang. He was born on October 2, 1238 and died in 1311 in Chiang Mai at the age of 72. The King Mengrai Stupa is in front of Wat Ngam Mueang.

King Mengrai founded Chiang Rai on Doi Thong from its old town's origin. In 1262, he became the first king of Mengrai Family and gathered small towns into Lanna Kingdom which has balways been prosperous until the present day.

The Great Monument King Mengrai is made of bronze and half again as large as his real figure, wearing the traditional costume of an ancient Lanna King. The monument stands on a 3 meter high statue, holding a sword in the left hand with rings on the index finger. On the right hand, there are rings on ring and little fingers, as well as a bracelet. Currently, there are big golden 'Tung Luang' of Celebration in Honor of HM The King behind the monument. On the platform, it is inscribed “King Mengrai 1238-1311 who first founded the city of Chiang Rai in 1262, established Thai Lanna Kingdom and united the Thai into one.

The King Mengrai the Great Monument is a place where many Chiang Rai and Lanna people come to worship restlessly. If you have a chance to visit Chiang Rai, to prove that you have been to Chiang Rai, the monument is the first place you should go visit.

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